Some specs from the 2009 BNP Paribas Open

Thanks to David Mindell and the Star Stringing team for allowing me the use of their Babolat RDC machine.

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Player Racquet Mass Bal. Swgwt Notes
Aspelin Wilson K Six.One 95 349 31.5 328 unstrung with grip
Benneteau Babolat Pure Drive + 337 33.5 368 new graphics
Bryan, B. Prince O3 Speedport Black 368 31.6 362 string hole inserts
Bryan, M. Prince O3 Speedport Black 365 32.0 369 string hole inserts
Chardy Head MicroGel Radical 330 32.2 333  
Davydenko Prince Ozone Pro Tour MP 346 33.2 352 28⅛ inches
Dent Wilson K Blade 98 375 31.4 378 Modified retail, not full custom
Djokovic Head 360 32.0 371 51 flex (others report 60)*
Dokic Wilson K Tour 329 35.5 383 lots of lead tape from 9 to 12
Gasquet Head MicroGel Extreme Pro 361 32.4 381  
Gicquel Head MicroGel Radical MP 348 31.75 376  
Gremelmayr Head MicroGel Radical Pro MP 353 32.4 353 5 inches lead tape at 9
Haynes Babolat Pure Drive Cortex 323 32.7 318  
Ivanovic Yonex RQiS1Tour 333 34.1 348  
Kirilenko Yonex RQiS2Tour 327 34.2 349 lead at 9 and 10
Kuznetsova Head MicroGel Extreme MP 336 33.5 328  
Mattek Wilson K Tour 357 31.0 343  
Melzer Dunlop AeroGel 3hundred Tour 331 33.15 337 4D model, 27.5 inches
Mirnyi Wilson K Six.One 95 373.5 31.2 343  
Moodie Head Prestige MP 341 30.4 315 before, unstrung, no overgrip
Moodie Head Prestige MP 337 29.95 300 after, unstrung, no overgrip
Murray, A. Head MicroGel Radical Pro     404 unconfirmed
Murray, J. Dunlop AeroGel 5hundred Tour 361 31.2 348  
Nadal Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex 335 33.3 350 4¼” grip, two overgrips
Rodionova Wilson K Pro Open 315 33.1 315  
Shiavone Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex 317 33.1 323  
Stepanek Bosworth 342 32.9 347 lots of lead at 9 and 12

USRSA has published on-line the stringing logs from this tournament, also thanks to Dave and Casey at Star Stringing. Stringing logs are available to USRSA members only.

* Note: I've been asked by someone who in 2014 measured the flex of Djokovic’s racquet — and came up with 60 RDC units, as opposed to the 51 RDC units measured by Star Stringing — why there was such a discrepancy. My initial response was that it’s possible the RDC machines are not calibrated (I know the Star Stringing RDC machine was not calibrated, for example), and that at least some of the difference was therefore due to this.

It occurs to me that they may be another explanation, which seems far-fetched but IMHO cannot be discounted. In fact, it ought to be considered, if for no other reason that there is a LOT of difference between 51 RDC flex and 60 RDC flex.

The 51 RDC flex reading was taken not long after Djokovic switched from Wilson Blade to the Head Speed. Neither the Blade nor the Speed were “off the shelf” racquets; that is, each was acustom lay-up for Djokovic. I have also seen Wilson custom racquets (such as those for Taylor Dent) that had a great deal of flex.

Therefore, I can’t help but wonder if Djokovic’s Wilson Blade did not reflect the thinking at Wilson at that time that fine-tuning fully custom pro racquets involved reducing the stiffness of the frame until the overall racquet suited the player. If this was the case, Head might have constructed racquets for Djokovic based on what he was used to with Wilson, and then later eased him into the Head way of designing a racquet.

Just a thought —